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During her speech, she cites a sample study done by Princeton University in which 21 men had their brains observed through MRI scans.

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Is there an invisible line between liberation/empowerment and objectification? But don’t get Fun Fact: In 1908 (or 1907, accounts vary), Annette Kellerman was detained on a Boston beach for indecent exposure.

At this time, wearing a one piece with that much curvature was unfathomable.

This past month, an actress/designer by the name of Jessica Rey gave a speech for Q about her line of women’s swimwear.

Her company, Rey Swimwear (whose slogan is: “Who says it has to be itsy bitsy? While she credits Audrey Hepburn as her muse for the line, it seems as though her inspiration reaches beyond old Hollywood glamour.

Notice the dramatic shift in style within the last decade?

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