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Mary’s HS, Maryland) RHP Steven Colon (Sarasota HS, Florida) RHP Steven Walker (Milton Academy, Massachusetts) RHP TA Crumbaugh (Franklin County HS, Kentucky) RHP Tony Bullard (North HS, California) RHP Travis Hester (College Station HS, Texas) RHP Travis Lane (Phillips Academy, Massachusetts) RHP Trevor Rosenlicht (Commack HS, New York) RHP Trey Bostic (Midlothian Heritage HS, Texas) RHP Trey Robinson (Dacula HS, Georgia) RHP Tristan Mc Donough (Decatur HS, Maryland) RHP Tristen Roehrich (West Fargo HS, North Dakota) RHP Tristin Lively (Las Cruces HS, New Mexico) RHP Ty Madden (Cypress Ranch HS, Texas) RHP Ty Rybarczyk (Hall HS, Illinois) RHP Tyler Burchett (Red Lion Area HS, Pennsylvania) RHP Tyler Guilfoil (Lafayette HS, Kentucky) RHP Tyler Ingram (Copperas Cove HS, Texas) RHP Tyler Jarrett (Tunstall HS, Virginia) RHP Tyler Lewis (West Des Moines HS, Iowa) RHP Tyler Olah (Lawton Chiles HS, Florida) RHP Tyler Ras (Middletown North HS, New Jersey) RHP Tyler Thornton (Santa Fe Christian HS, California) RHP Tyler Woessner (Pinnacle HS, Arizona) RHP Tyrin Pacheco (Hobbs HS, New Mexico) RHP Victor Vodnik (Rialto HS, California) RHP Wade Beasley (Hortio HS, Arkansas) RHP Wesley Sweatt (Northwestern HS, South Carolina) RHP Will Christophersen (Pleasant Valley HS, Iowa) RHP Will Gambino (Paul VI Catholic HS, New Jersey) RHP Will Glock (Loyola-Blakefield HS, Maryland) RHP Will Ohme (Newsome HS, Florida) RHP Will Ripoll (John Curtis Christian HS, Louisiana) RHP William Duncan (Richardson HS, Texas) RHP William Pawlosky (Mercer Island HS, Washington) RHP Wyatt Olds (Mc Loud HS, Oklahoma) RHP Yeankarlos Lleras (Leadership Christian Academy, Puerto Rico) RHP Yomil Maysonet (PJ Educational HS, Puerto Rico) RHP Zach Messinger (Castle HS, Indiana) RHP Zach Stephenson (Cypress Falls HS, Texas) RHP Zach Young (Sebastian River HS, Florida) RHP Zach Zdimal (Notre Dame Prep, Arizona) RHP Zack Hunsicker (Howell HS, Missouri) RHP/1B Angel Tiburcio (Trinity Christian HS, Florida) RHP/1B Christian Scott (Calvary Christian Academy, Florida) RHP/1B Grant Holman (Eastlake HS, California) RHP/1B Grayson Rodriguez (Central Heights HS, Texas) RHP/1B Trae Harmon (Somerset HS, Kentucky) RHP/1B Troy Balko (Sunrise Mountain HS, Arizona) RHP/1B Zachary Nash (Choctawhatchee HS, Florida) RHP/2B William Bowdoin (Glynn Academy, Georgia) RHP/3B Bayden Root (Kokomo HS, Indiana) RHP/3B Carter Raffield (Bleckley County HS, Georgia) RHP/3B Colten Panaranto (Roncalli HS, Indiana) RHP/3B Davis Sharpe (Mill Creek HS, Georgia) RHP/3B Francois Castillo (Clemente Community Academy, Illinois) RHP/3B Jaden Hill (Ashdown HS, Arkansas) RHP/3B Jake Lufft (Blue Springs HS, Missouri) RHP/3B Lane Mc Master (Hargrave HS, Texas) RHP/3B Owen Sharts (Simi Valley HS, California) RHP/3B Roberto Pena (Flanagan HS, Florida) RHP/3B Ryan Miller (Fleetwood HS, Pennsylvania) RHP/3B Scott Youngbrandt (Andrew HS, Illinois) RHP/C Caleb Lanoux (Fleming Island HS, Georgia) RHP/C Cameron Johnson (Copperas Cove HS, Texas) RHP/C Dawson Woods (Corsica HS, Texas) RHP/C Mason Denaburg (Merritt Island HS, Florida) RHP/C Tyler Burton (Labelle HS, Florida) RHP/OF Alejandro Diaz De Villegas (Coral Reef HS, Florida) RHP/OF Carson Crowe (American Christian Academy, Alabama) RHP/OF Joseph Charles (First Academy, Florida) RHP/OF Matthew Boase (Tomball Memorial HS, Texas) RHP/OF Peyton Bourque (North Fort Myers HS, Florida) RHP/OF Preston Schumacher (Timber Creek HS, Florida) RHP/OF Ryan Bush (Barnegat HS, New Jersey) RHP/SS Chase Wilkerson (Headland HS, Alabama) RHP/SS Connor Norby (East Forsyth HS, North Carolina) RHP/SS Hueston Morrill (Suwannee HS, Florida) RHP/SS Jacob Maton (Glenwood HS, Illinois) RHP/SS Jake Moberg (Vista Murrieta HS, California) RHP/SS John Kelly (Rutherford HS, New Jersey) RHP/SS Kam’Ron Emmanuel Mays-Hunt (Bentonville HS, Arkansas) RHP/SS Kevin Madden (St.

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Time away was well spent, both in terms of the work I’ve been able to compile without having to worry about updating the site — I’m more on top of this high school class than I have been in years — and in the good old fashioned battery recharging department. That said, I have no idea how my schedule will look now that there’s a human being who depends on me and doesn’t understand how punching away at a laptop could possibly be more important than reading But I’m going to do my best to keep the site up and running as long as I can. So even though I don’t know the exact future of the site, I can say with a high degree of certainty that the 2018 MLB Draft [and likely beyond] will be covered in as much depth as time allows.

This dumb thing is a part of me now, and I really can’t imagine life without it.)(I really appreciate all of the messages and emails over the last few months.

That’s exactly what I set out to do with what you see below.

If there’s a prospect of note among prep pitchers that isn’t on this list, let me know.

HS catchers – 2 (0 to 2) HS first basemen – 1 (0 to 1) HS second basemen – 1 (0 to 1) HS third basemen – 1 (0 to 1) HS shortstops – 2 (2 to 4) HS outfielders – 4 (2 to 6) HS pitchers – 5 (5 to 10) College catchers – 3 (0 to 3) College first basemen – 3 (0 to 3) College second basemen – 2 (0 to 2) College third basemen – 4 (0 to 4) College shortstops – 5 (0 to 5) College outfielders – 3 (2 to 5) College pitchers – 4 (7 to 11) I like this.

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