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Warners have sued the band as a result, and the lawsuit remains unresolved, with A7X seemingly determined to walk away.

“If you’re at a place where they don’t care about your band, then you have to do somewhere where they do care about your band,” Shadows stated earlier this month.

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Here’s your essential guide to the Huntington Beach, California quintet.

Warner Brothers A&R executive Aaronson signed A7X to the label from Hopeless Records in the summer of 2004, having previously brought Green Day, My Chemical Romance and The Used to the label.

testifies – Metallica have taken their fellow Californians on the road on several occasions, and consider the Orange County crew both friends and an inspiration.

Lars Ulrich has stated that Avenged are “near and dear” to his band, while James Hetfield personally introduced their set at Metallica’s Orion festival and declared “I dig everything they do.” You guys…

“A band like Mumford & Sons or Imagine Dragons or Coldplay — there’s no game to be made there.” The band’s sixth, and most recent, album became the first Avenged release to debut at Number 1 in both the UK and US upon its release in 2013.

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