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For a spoof it’s misleadingly marketed, and too subtle for its own good, the poster looks like a conventional rom-com, which has caught romance fans out and caused a lot of negative feedback.

Watching it many have missed that it’s satire and written it off as just being a “bad, cliched rom-com”. Two new couples form, making the journey from the bar to the bedroom and eventually get put to the test in the real world.

The new helmer is a Grammy-winning choreographer and music video director, best known for creating OK Go videos.

This is something of a series reunion with Sean Asa, Andie, Camille Cage and Robert “Moose” Alexander III returning alongside Jenny Kido, Jason Hardlerson, Hair, Monster, Vladd, The Santiago Twins, and Eddy.

From couples like Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka to Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, Hollywood has always been known for connecting two people and help them discover their love for each other.

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