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any performance difference, or affect in total memory taken up by the kernel? Had a feeling that the problem developed because of the way I typically configure a kernel.

There is just one nagging question concerning the boot process.

The distro is quick as lightning and clean, things I appreciate, but as the items flash by during boot, near the end I see: Updating Module Dependencies [FAILED] It disfigures what would otherwise be a perfectly clean start.

I figured it would be as easy as mounting the bucket into my workspace using s3fs, however, I can't seem to get FUSE set up...

Whenever I Hifuse is not available in docker containers without admin privileges, so it can't work on hosted workspaces. Or download the whole website, make changes using the cloud9 preview, and then upload back to s3.

Now I'm not sure whether this practice may be contributing to the message I'm getting about module dependencies, but clearly something's not working the way it should. Seems to me that the /lib/modules/2.4.21 isn't there but that the system looks for it at boot and reports a failure.

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