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And I try my best to cover my tracks on the computer by deleting the history before I come off and going on late at night when I know no one would be watching.I have two phones – the main one everybody knows, and the other one stays off and hidden most of the time.First thing people will think that I coming to rape the children. Sports is the only thing I can see myself doing, and if it gets out there I will lose even that.” Easing the fear of “coming out” There is, however, some active ventures to ease, if not eradicate the fears of “coming out of the closet”.

“I see it all the time,” she says, “People coming out, and life gets harder for them.

All the talk about lesbians having it easier, it’s a lie.

“Along with being featured in the print media, our members have appeared on television as well as radio, and we have been treated with professionalism and respect by the media and Government, and even by those who oppose us.

“The Gender Policy is not CAISO’s sole focus or policy target.

Colin Robinson, coordinator of CAISO, illustrates the organisation’s initiatives in developing a forward-thinking understanding about sexual orientation and gender expression, through advocacy, partnerships with Government and major stakeholders in society and legislative pressure in the form of the National Gender Policy.

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