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I am the founder of Bachmann Law Group, a law firm that specializes in patent and intellectual property matters. and foreign patent and trademark applications, implementing trade secret programs, and global enforcement and defense of his client’s patents.

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I develop the embedded product, the PC control application, the manufacturing and calibration application and even the installer. I have developed more than 50 biotech, medical, industrial controls and consumer products over the last 30 years for 25 different companies. I host the South Bay Cal Engineering Alumni meetings.

Recent products include an electronic pipette, laboratory grade laser controller, low voltage light controller, mass spectrometer for protein analysis, semiconductor capital equipment and a Win CE BSP. Entertainment media technologies, audio/video codecs, transport streams, CD, DVD, Blu-ray Disc (BD). I am a technical writer with a technical background: test, design, system integration.

I am on Linked In and a member of the PATCA consulting organization. Workflow and process definition for creation and distribution of digital media. Having designed and maintained systems, I am aware of the need of precise information for installation, configuration, development, test, trouble-shooting, utilization, and maintenance.

Having a technical background enables me to successfully conduct technical research, interpret preliminary design notes, schematics and code, understand the product, keep abreast of design changes, and effectively interface with the staff including engineers, QA, technical support, and marketing.

I have created, updated, and edited detailed and accurate user guides, test and installation procedures, release notes, and data books.

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