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I know I can't be the mom that says "I don't want you to do anything about this." 'Cause you're always going to be involved.

'Cause not only do you have the power to do something ... Scott's snarky but well-meaning single mother, who is a registered nurse at the Beacon Hills Memorial hospital.

Initially, Noah has no clue of the actual, supernatural elements of Beacon Hills going on within his town which hampers his ability to do his job in spite of Stiles and Scott encountering and fighting against them on a nightly basis.

Finally, in Season 3, he is let in on the supernatural business, he's less than thrilled, but uses his newfound knowledge and perspective to solve cases old and new more effectively, and enlisting the help of Scott's Pack in solving crimes concerning those elements.

Loyal and caring to those he loves, Stiles is more cynical and pragmatic than Scott, and keeps his vulnerabilities well hidden under a unique gift for snarky comments.

He's very protective of his widowed father, Sheriff Stilinski, and holds a special torch for Lydia, who over the course of the show turns into another trusted friend.

It takes a good long while for the teens to look beyond his brooding exterior, and for Derek to let down his guard enough to open up; his interactions with them eventually cause him to question his outlook on life and start readjusting his behavior, without quite losing his sarcastic edge.

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