When you curl up on the couch to watch the Mohawk Girls make sure you have your mobile device, tablet or computer next to you.

Open ca on your device before the show starts and you'll be ready for simultaneous viewing.

per person International residents (couples booking together) US$ 1850.


A suggested training for healers, and practitioners on the areas of sexual healing, tantra, body awareness, and coaching for individuals and couples.

However, no previous experience or knowledge of shamanism or sacred sexuality is required.

per person After January 15, 2016 Brazilian residents (singles or couples booking together) US$ 1850.

per person International residents (singles) US$ 1950.

VENUE OSHO LUA SANCTUARY An ecological reserve, located a few kilometers of Alto Paraiso, in a magnificent land, with a pristine river, waterfalls, small sand beach, a unique place, totally private where silence and nature prevails.

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