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And when I found myself struggling to know how to make her come (for all of Skype's wonders, it's not like I could go down on her over a webcam), Nikki requested exactly the view she needed.

Soon, we could climax at the same time, or pretty close to it. It was easier to share the highs and lows of our days with roommates and friends instead of each other.

Joel Dommett has previously opened up about falling victim to a Skype sex tape leak but shared the news with his campmates in tonight’s I’m A Celebrity… The comedian spoke to his fellow contestants about how he was duped into making an X-rated clip after someone contacted him on Twitter.

Footage of Joel pleasuring himself was leaked online a week before he entered the jungle.

It was some of the best sex either of us had ever had."Now that we knew our secret turn-ons, we could go to town on each other."Over time, we continued having Skype sex and found new ways to make our fun. Even now, when I'm first dating someone, I'll initiate it when one of us is out of town. But many years later when she read about one of my books in the newspaper, she sent me a congratulatory email. "My first book," I responded, "was about you." My long-dormant high school self was screaming, "This is your chance!

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