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But not every company is equally committed to the cause of net neutrality.

Here's where seven internet giants stand on the issue, and what a world with fast and slow lanes might mean for them.

Skype and other telecommunication platforms are being used by therapists and counsellors (amongst other healthcare practitioners) to carry out treatment at a distance.

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Because Skype is not established as a healthcare service provider, it has no agreements or obligations to the therapists and clients that use their site.

These agreements are essential to be HIPAA compliant, but more importantly this lack of obligation leaves clients vulnerable to mistreatment and their health information being misused.

Generally, if your insurance company hasn’t traditionally covered telephone services, they will most likely not pay for Skype sessions and any other non-HIPAA-compliant video online service.

to pop-ups on websites begging you to sign-up for an email newsletter, enter a contest, or watch an ad.

The Legal and Regulatory Affairs staff at the American Psychological Association (APA) Practice Organisation also point out the issues related to Skype when considering online therapy: “Some organizations recommend not using Skype and similar web-based platforms because of concerns related to HIPAA requirements.

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