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This report also advances policy and practical recommendations that may guide the investigation, prosecution and prevention of sexual slavery and sexual violence in armed conflicts.”Prior to this report, in many situations, women would be viewed as lost cattle.

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I had not heard the term “comfort women” prior to attending the screening.

Amidst the research I'd undertaken on feminism and prostitution, the issue of comfort women seemed to take on more importance as I contemplated how to define the boundary between degradation and liberation in the American sex industry.

The Japanese government flatly denied any knowledge or involvement, and argued that the so-called comfort women were privately organized camp followers. ”“Point 6: One significant impetus for the Sub-commissions decision to commission this study was the increasing international recognition of the true scope and character of the harms perpetrated against the more then 200,000 women enslaved by the Japanese military in “comfort stations” during the Second World War.

Recognizing the needs to address past, unremedied human rights, humanitarian law and international criminal law violations involving sexual slavery and sexual violence, a full analysis of the continuing legal liability for these crimes against humanity is contained in the appendix to the present reports.”, was published in 1994. What is so amazing about his need to answer the question of whether or not the comfort women were a lie is that these women were going to court over crimes that took place during the Second World War, and much of the information about these women was destroyed by the Japanese military, and also the Allies.

I am not saying that conditions in the American sex industry are without aspects that must be bettered, but they most often are not synonymous with true oppression and violence against women.“Point 9: The first purpose of this report is to reiterate the call for response to the use of sexual violence and sexual slavery during armed conflict.

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