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A wider definition says that any time a couple brings in a third party, they are swinging (threesomes). Is it soft swap if all the attention is on the swapped partner, and almost zip on your own until afterwards? As always it is fun to get out, but to get out with another great couple you can enjoy... Maybe go out and have some food a couple of drinks and a little fun with.

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We've learned to be completely honest and forward with each other and we'll do the same in this post.

We'd much rather lay it all out in the beginning so there are no surprises along the way.

We are a happily married couple looking to meet real and fun people. But a lot of watching does go on -- and possibly some touching -- a touchy matter best negotiated in advance.

Would really love to find a woman who wants to play with a couple on a regular basis. The hard line for soft swinging is no intercourse between non-mates.

Give us a shout if this sounds like a night you are up for I am very good with my hands i believe thats what's pulled the wife in .

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