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If your accident happened in the city, call the PD.If it occurred in the county and was investigated by a trooper, call (870) 767-8550.Theft and other reports which are completed by deputies can be obtained by calling or coming to the Sheriff's Office at 101 West Pine Street in Sheridan."I HAVE INFORMATION THAT I WANT TO TELL THE POLICE BUT I DON'T WANT TO USE MY NAME?

You can get the name of a local certified instructor from the ASP site."HOW DO I GET A COPY OF AN ACCIDENT REPORT OR A REPORT THAT A DEPUTY HAS COMPILED?

" - Traffic accident reports can be obtained from the Sheriff's Office (GCSO), the Sheridan Police Department (SPD) or the Arkansas State Police (ASP).

Also, a person, once convicted, goes through a state ordered assessment which attempts to determine the offenders likelihood of re-offending.

To answer your question, there are three reasons the person you know is not listed: (1) the person is a level one and can't be listed, (2) the person is a level two that can't be listed, or (3) the person was recently convicted and has not completed the state assessment that assigns them an offender level (assessments after conviction usually take approximately six months)."I BOUGHT ITEMS AT LOWES IN PINE BLUFF AND PAID TO HAVE THE ITEMS DELIVERED TO MY HOME IN GRANT COUNTY.

The veteran can receive exemption on land adjoining principle place of residence, unless the land is occupied by an additional residence.

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