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Please make sure you enclose tax bill payment stubs for all bills which you are paying or otherwise submit documentation clearly showing all bills you wish to pay.Also please verify that your check total equals the total amount due for all of your bills to avoid delays in processing.Additional costs, fees, and interest are added after this date and the bills may be subject to sale to a third-party.

Dear Citizen: I am very proud of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office and of the many services we provide our community.

Our Tax Office is one of the areas of service of which I am most proud.

Tax bills for real property are sent to the owner of record as of January 1, or the current owner, as shown in the records of the Property Valuation Administrator at the time the bills were prepared.

The seller usually pays a pro-rated tax at the closing for the portion of the year they owned the property.

If you have received the tax bill and determine the other party is responsible for the taxes, please forward the tax bill or contact our Property Tax Division at (502)574-5479 and request that a copy of the tax bill be mailed to the other party.

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