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Non-state actors have also leveraged efforts to end VAWG including the informal customary systems to address VAWG.

These are used to describe mechanisms of justice and conflict resolution that operate outside the boundaries of the formal state based legal system.

We are being called upon to take bold action to accelerate gender parity.

The Government of Uganda has done excellent work in setting up policy frameworks to address Gender Based Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG) including but not limited to the National Gender Policy 2007, Domestic Violence Act 2010, The Prohibition of FGM Act 2010 and Employment Act 2006.

While airing causes of teenage pregnancies, Annet Nalule, 18, a peer educator said men spend most of their time on facebook looking for innocent young girls and those who prey end up in bed.

She said: “I have male friends who send me messages on facebook and Watsapp with intentions of sleeping with me.” Sensitization Mr Patrick Mwesigye, the executive director of Uganda Youth and Adolescents Health Forum (UYAHF), said the dialogue was organised to educate young girls living in slums on early marriages following the celebrations of the Day of the African Child last week.

"We note with concern that 50% of HIV related deaths are due to Tuberculosis.

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