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, Sheffield (actually Rotherham), and played music along with Juliun c90 to an often deserted - everyone was down in the main room rockin out to Squarepusher spanking his jazz bass, followed by some big sets from big warp acts.Primary care clinics are privately owned in all countries and hospitals are privately owned in Japan, Taiwan and Korea.

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Because Hong Kong relies so heavily on general revenue and because taxation is progressive, Hong Kong has the most progressive health financing system.

Japan has the most regressive system due to the fact that its social insurance scheme has contribution ceilings. All five of the countries pay primary care providers on a FFS system, but some are experimenting with per diem rates for secondary and tertiary care.

In Singapore, the government has created a single corporation which now controls about one quarter of Singapore’s hospitals and one half of its stock of beds.

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These three countries with UHI systems are mostly funded through a social insurance scheme.

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