Self confidence dating

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If you've ever felt this kind of anxiety then you'll know PRECISELY what I am talking about. Anxiety that the woman you want isn't interested in you, or is interested in someone else.

If you've ever been through this kind of mental struggle, then you'll probably also be aware that it often becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy that could well turn out far different if you didn't create all this internal tension by playing these mind games with yourself.

Find out how to stop these anxious thoughts and how to replace them with positive ones! Do you ever suddenly freeze up when you're around the woman you're attracted to?

Perhaps you get the exact opposite and talk too much, too fast.

Lead author Dr Jessica Strubel, from the University of North Texas, said: ‘Social network site users, anticipating the scrutiny of others, may become acutely focused on themselves, and try to present an image, through their posted photos, that approximates societal beauty ideals and accentuates their appearance.‘Over time, this self-promotion and impression management, particularly when not validated (eg swiped left), may only worsen levels of self-objectification and body disparagement and lower self-esteem.’The study, conducted by the University of North Texas, compared 100 users of dating site Tinder with more than 1,000 non-users.

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