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Over the years, Sammul has matured a lot and lost the young boy feeling.In acting, his decisions doesn't change that easily, and that is one of the reasons why he's a popular choice for Mainland producers.“We have our own motor vehicle, which has its own bed and kitchen!

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The Hong Kong television circle and the Hong Kong society are of a common origin.

When someone pours out their devotion and heart into their work, then people will say their "being fake", but Sammul Chan (nicknamed "Sam Miu") described himself as "despicable".

Actually, I am pretty laid-back and I don’t demand a lot.

As long as the hotel is clean and security is competent, I will be fine. Let me have my time to play my games and do what I want to do.” When Sammul injured his neck for the filming of The Academy in 2004, he had to resume his work immediately after getting released from the hospital.

Sammul Chan (陳鍵鋒), who left for mainland China after shooting TVB’s Relic of an Emissary , but his refusal to sign a management contract with TVB left him filling in only supporting roles for the station’s dramas.

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