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I had to set the build output verbosity to diagnostic and then search for Task "Aapt".

In Xamarin Android - How to regenerate the Resource.I tried to mark all the XML file's Build Action as "Android Resource" and still the Resource.won't get updated with new values. Unfortunately, you're going to just have to try every workaround in the answers here. However, since it seems like that didn't solve your problem it looks like Xamarin didn't recognize any of the changes you made. I ended up solving it by renaming the generated "Layout" folder to "layout" ( I did the same for drawable and values). method1: Delete the file from the project and also delete bin and obj files and then build the project it should work 100% as i use to do that if i face the same problem if that doesn't work always there is another option method2: close the application i.e, visual studio, map to c- It happened to me a few times, and every time the problem was not coming from the generation of the file itself, but from a malformed android resource.

It's a bug (well, it's probably a series of bugs over the years), and it's often not straightforward to fix. If you open the csproj of the Android project with a text editor and add these entries it seems to work. Clean and Rebuild your project(if you get message for modified "Yes to All" button). After that, just by building the project again the Resource. So if that happens after you merged something from your repository, double check your android resources (colors, strings, etc), for any malformed XML code.

I have other resource files to support various international languages where also i need to these two new string resources Please suggest.

So im working in Xamarin and i had a problem with my events and layouts because i added new stuff but the layouts didn't refresh they just kept displaying the old layouts and the new events i added had the same problem they are just ignoring my new code i already saw a few links and they said this happens because the Resource.

is not refreshing but never gave any solutions any ideas? UPDATE: There are no build errors but still the layouts won't refresh.

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