Raf pilots dating

This image was scanned from the cap of Air Commodore Noel Stanley Paynter, Chief Intelligence Officer, Bomber Command during the war.

At the end of the war he resigned his commission in protest at his close friend and chief of Bomber Command Air Marshal Arthur 'Bomber' Harris not being given a place at the victory celebrations. 7/8" 11/11/2002 The Air Transport Auxiliary ferried aircraft from the factories to the squadrons.

Recipients were then members of the 'Caterpillar Club'.

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1.5" 10/28/2002 RAF other ranks cap badge worn with tropical dress.

It is in 'economy' black plastic, with two horizontal brass prongs to be bent over.

This badge prevented them being labelled cowards or the like! All electronic scans remain the copyright of Bob Schwartz or the specific contributors and cannot be reproduced by either digital, electronic, electrostatic or lithographic or by any other means without expressed permission from the originator of the web site or its contributors.

Cons Inability to plan long term in life and there is a detrimental effect on family life, prolonged absences and frequently moving houses and schools.

The problem was that when the prongs had been bent two or three times they tended to snap making the badge useless.

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