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Peter Newman 2005-03-19: I don't understand why reading a record from a file should be slow - but assuming it is:-Your GUI should be as responsive as possible - even if reading an individual record is so slow that they just dribble into the listbox. NEVER, EVER use update (unless someone is quite literally holding a gun to your head).

Also this method is basically the same as using update - but, unlike update, it's perfectly safe. AMG 2005-03-18 (I suspect we may be in different timezones!

Assuming that a database is a separate process, IPC seems reasonable enough to deal with that particular case, and then read in return data in the normal event loop, which is safer and usually more programming-decent then threading, though milage and opinions may vary.

AMG 2005-03-18: First let's see if I understand this.

[$db eval] allows you to specify code to run for every row returned.

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