Perks of dating a fireman

Paramedics see a lot of naked people and most of those people are not people we want to see naked. Chances are you’re light years ahead of the last fifteen people we were forced to look at in a state of undress. #5: Access to crates of medical grade personal lubricant – This one almost speaks for itself until you realize that most of the things we use this substance for are decidedly not all that much fun.A lot of them are also very sick and sick people don’t smell good. #4: Your parents will LOVE us – As long as you lie to them about our long-term income potential, parents universally love paramedics.

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Ever eaten your breakfast at midnight over the hood of an ambulance?

The heat from the engine can warm up even the coldest fast food. #2: The Code-3 Club – This is gross due to all of the various bodily fluids and other pathogenic materials that tend to fly around in the back of an ambulance… We know funny —————————————————————————————— Got any better than I do? How to Elite: General Documentation – VBEMS Six Tricks You Can Use Today to Improve Your EMS Narrative Report […]

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but if you really want to join, you have a better chance with a paramedic than with anybody else. […] 2017-05-28 Rebecca Riley Stop Feeding the EMS Tee Trolls I'm thoroughly creeped out.

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