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He can't strike enemies like this (except with a feeble short-range exhalation), but this is certainly one game where you won't run have to worry about frustrating pixel-perfect jumps.

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Throw in some forgiving collision detection, plenty of opportunities to gather extra lives and lots of abilities to steal and you could probably clock the first world in under five minutes. The good news for those who like exploring though is that each world is a treasure trove of hidden exits, bonus levels and mini-games - like a coliseum where Kirby can practice his various attacks on a few bosses - and that it'll take quite a lot of patience and exploration to uncover 100 per cent's worth of secrets.

It also still feels really well designed, thanks in no small part to HAL's work on restoring the game's visuals.

Although Quick Draw (first to hit A when an exclamation mark appears) and Bomb Rally (a timing-based game of bomb tennis, or hot potato) are fun in their own way, Air Grind is the clear winner.

Unfortunately though we can't really see Kirby's latest adventure lasting anybody for particularly long, multiplayer games and secret hunting notwithstanding.

It's funny though, because I've never noticed that before - how much I hate the music.

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