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Q: How would you describe Harry Hole and the scenarios he tends to find himself in? Romantic, even melancholic, yet analytical and even cynical. I watched it again in a beautiful outdoor cinema in Perth a year later, being a bit drunk, and I absolutely loved it.He is an outsider who probably feels more related to the criminals he is chasing than to his colleges at the Police House in Oslo. Q: What led you to try your hand at writing detective stories? On my first attempt at a novel I wanted to write a test piece, something with a simple, tested structure that I knew I could finish, so I tried the crime novel, and discovered the power and thepossibilities it gives to the writer. Q: And how do you feel about the upcoming release of "The Snowman" with Michael Fassbender as Harry Hole? May 16Where: Grace Episcopal Church, 924 Lake St., Oak Park.I remember seeing Michael Fassbender for the first time in "Shame." You could tell right away he's an amazing actor.

She laughed because she knew he wanted her but she didn't have the time and he was in no condition to perform from the wine and the pot.

She was a little embarrassed, flattered and teasing at the same time.

The idea that the lyrics are "So, I lit a fire..." is clearly just an urban myth--the carelessness of an early transcriber becoming the accepted reality for all eternity. I the magazine Rolling Stones, "100 greatest Beatles songs", among the first 20 songs, Lennon has 11 or 12, !

Mc Cartney has 4, Harrison 2 and Lennon-Mc Cartney have 2 or 3.

Wear with knee-high boots and a going-out top, like Demi here, and you have a evening ready ensemble.

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