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This perplexed me; aren't the acts of logging in and signing up very different things?

The new default is to let people know when they've entered an email we don't recognize in the forgot password form. You can turn on the extra security of being coy about this, if you need it, via a site setting.

Many websites have started to show login and signup buttons side by side.

(a pseudonym) is a decidedly reformed ex-convict who spent four years in Maryland maximum security prison for drug-related armed robbery in the late '90s. They would have put Michelle Obama through the same treatment if she were in there. Well, it sort of depended on which men we’re talking about. Oh, and dude, this bitch of a guard knew I was leaving, and she just went to town on the cavity search. They just assumed I was smart because I was white, had all my teeth, and wasn’t named Lu Anne or Raylene. The books were all donated, but the folks doing the donating weren’t being all high-minded as much as they were just cleaning out the garage.

(Read her full story here.) Last year, we reviewed multiple episodes of Season 2 of Episode Two: "Bed Bugs and Beyond" Flaca is undergoing an examination in the infirmary, and the diagnosis is bedbugs. But there was never a lice infestation or anything? I mean, I got a few day releases, and then towards the end I got that work release job at the restaurant, but for the most part the men [who ate there] would be, like, balding pot-bellied dudes wearing Dockers. It wasn’t like I was pressing license plates or anything, but it wasn’t exactly an easy gig, either. Well, about once a week a CO would come in and inspect everything to make sure that all the books were properly shelved and alphabetized and everything, and they wouldn’t tell you which day.

This is flat out crazy, and in the long run this central flawed assumption in Open ID broke it as a future standard. Email and password are strongly related concepts and they belong together. (And a fie upon services that don't allow me to use my email as a username or login.

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