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Is this a revolt against all the genuinely attractive guys the internet keeps showing us with the model or porn star look?Complimenting this perfectly blah-looking character is not going to protect you from having to face the fact that you aren't Ken Ryker or Trent Reed or whoever you secretly believe is the top cat. Because right now I know for a fact he's living in the Financial District and is single. As others have posted here, would watch CBS/KCAL just to look at that beautiful man on the news and not care about the news stories. Rob Schmitt is hot, sexy and handsome talented, athletic and cute.Although believe me, as a straight attractive woman, NO ONE is more out of luck than me in this city, because everything as good looking as Rob (or close to it) just wants men anyway!! u assholes who don't like this thread don't fucken read it and to the person who posted that pic..thanks and yea I don't have no luck with him or anyone as hot as him...:( but I can fantasize as the man is so hot. I am so in love lust (call it what you want) with him. I tweeted him on his twitter account that he was so handsome and loved watching him and he favorite my tweet I would think a straight man would not favor a tweet where a guy calls him handsome! But he has messed with several girls, faking interest in them, making it like he wanted to date them, all for nothing. He just took some pictures with other men/women on the trip, but make no mistake-- he went to Europe with just one guy, one he's been seeing for years since he lived out in California (and possibly longer).

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I just know all this from following him and word of mouth. Not everyone wants to come out no matter how "gay friendly" NBC clearly is.

But you're really out of luck Joebk, Rob is already juggling men, although he's had a pretty steady closeted relationship for years now that he's even kept up long distance. If you see more pics and read more of Rob post them ... He is the hottest news anchor in NY on TVNBC is very gay-friendly; they had their own float in the Pride parade featuring two out gay news people, Raphael Miranda and Gus Rosendale. Joebk, if Rob was going about his life in the closet, just hooking up with men privately, you're right, that wouldn't be anybody's business. And Rob was just on a vacation with one man (who he's had a long standing relationship with that he masks as a "friendship").

They go back a very long way, and he lives out in California, but they get together as much as they can.

I've attached a link of a picture of them from last Halloween (Adam is the one in the white), and "admityouregay" is someone who knew the dirt on them and attempted to "out" Rob. Checky Beckford, yes that's EXACTLY why he wouldn't ride the float-- he's in the closet!!!!

That suit's a little tight on him R101 - jacket's too small, but I bet he buys them tight to show off his VPL.

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