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A volunteer at Kshamata helped her find a job with a garment firm where she delivers clothes to shops and collects money from them and jots down each transaction in her notebook.

Her nine-hour schedule earns her 9,000 Indian rupees ($140) a month and she splits her flat’s monthly rent of 4,000 rupees with her flatmate – also a sex trafficking survivor who works as a sales assistant at a supermarket and earns 12,000 rupees.

But taught to be resourceful, she roped in her friend’s husband in her flat hunt and eventually found one.”I like my house.

This is the life I always dreamt of for myself,” she said.

About a mile away, another trafficking survivor, Navya, stays in a similar one-room apartment and negotiates a four-hour daily commute in Mumbai’s packed local trains to work at an upscale hair salon in South Mumbai.

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