Invalidating query cache entries table mysql

Similarly, databases use different types of caches to store things such as queries, open tables, threads etcetera.Hence, anyone would usually think the bigger a cache is, the better.Currently, we are investigating if we should apply this setting to other servers.

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Everyone has had the experience, staring at a browser and wondering why a particular website was taking such a long time to load. Recently, we noticed one of our SQL servers was getting slower over time for no apparent reason, so we dug a little deeper to see how we could improve its performance.

What makes websites slow can depend on several factors. Databases are usually key in websites performance, since most of them use databases to store and retrieve data.

As soon as we disabled the cache, we could see the usage of some My SQL parameters started to increase. As an example, on this first graph, we can see how select queries drastically grew once the query cache was turned off (on the 7th evening).

Yet, we also saw latency time dropped, increasing our response time.

Besides that, we are also researching if cache solutions can help improving performance.

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