Intimidating in spanish jennifer love hewitt dating advice

We have words that come close, but most of them are derogatory. Apparently the Spanish-speakers of the world are much better at describing people’s physical features.

That means that if you type them into Google for an English equivalent, chances are you’ll come up with a smattering of different words or sentences strung together to get the idea across. All in all, you’ll be giving your brain tons of new ways to express ideas.

So, now it’s time to expand your vocabulary and expand your mind.

You have a love for something dark and you aren’t sure why because, let’s be honest, it’s a little creepy or gross. This one doesn’t happen to me very often because my sweet tooth is out of control.

On a rare occasion, I’ll take a bite of dark chocolate cake with decadent chocolate frosting and think to myself, “Wow! ” Then a minute or two later I’ll regret that chocolate cake because my head is pulsing from sweetness overload.

I have one, actually, and whenever English-speaking people ask me what color my car is I just shrug.

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