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You also need to consider that even with protection, sexually transmitted disease can still be a risk, no matter what your age or stage in life.Are you really prepared to take that risk on a first date, no matter how small it is?

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You need to also consider your health: As a senior, you might have some health risks that could make intimacy a risk.

This is something you should discuss with your doctor to make sure you're healthy enough for physical intimacy.

Building off a long history of research in the area of intimate partner violence, NIJ is now looking to relationships during adolescence to understand the factors that put individuals at risk for involvement in abusive romantic relationships as adults.

This effort began with a series of workshops in 20 that culminated in the development and coordination of a federal interagency workgroup. NIJ has also funded research examining the nature, characteristics and extent of dating violence; risk and protective factors; long-term and short-term outcomes; and systematic evaluations of teen dating violence prevention and intervention programs, policies and legislation.

After all, if you are sure that this is the person for you from the very first date, some people say, "Why wait?

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