Free online cams - Importance of validating feelings

The misguided efforts to masculinize women have made this more and more rare.

When we say that “men and women are equal,” too often we mean “women are just as good and capable as men.” What about the other way around?

Boys are often raised to be practical and seek solutions while ignoring and repressing every emotion except anger.

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There are various levels of validation to be used depending on the situation.

The man in the video says, “that must be hard,” which is an appropriate level of validation for the situation.

The problem is, emotion is a really important part of the human experience and plays a huge role in relationships of all kinds.

As a culture, we focus a lot on changing our external experience—making more money, getting a better job, getting nicer things, having better friends—all the make ourselves feel better.

What about the ability to experience and validate emotion?

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