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A British banker who filmed himself on his phone during a murderous coke binge said in a rambling video commentary that he had tortured and raped one of his alleged victims.

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He could face life imprisonment if he is convicted.

In earlier videos, Jutting apparently filmed himself torturing Sumarti.

First it was clothes, then mobile phones, now it's turning more to guesthouses and restaurants since they are the most in demand," he said.

Salina Lam, who has been chairwoman of the tower block's owners association for more than two decades, told the earlier this year that she had hired better security staff and installed 400 surveillance cameras to deter crime.

Now that it's no longer dangerous, locals consider Chungking Mansions a sort of mini-United Nations, a melting pot of commerce and culture that makes it one of the city's top cultural icons, said Lee Ho Yin, associate professor at Hong Kong University's Faculty of Architecture.

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