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There’s a number of others that could easily have been included — his take on Bob Dylan in Todd Haynes‘ “I’m Not There” is one of the best in the film, for instance, and only just missed this list.

But these are the five that we’ll always remember him for. “Monster’s Ball” (2001) Ledger is not in “Monster’s Ball” very much.

As Sonny, the belittled son of misanthropic prison guard Hank (Billy Bob Thornton), he mainly serves to set up exactly how unpleasant his father is, before, shockingly, committing suicide in front of him.

But it’s notable as the point where everyone sat up and realized that perhaps Ledger wasn’t simply some prominently cheekboned teen heartthrob.

But he’s also typically free of vanity: Dan does, and instigates, terrible things in the name of love (love of heroin, that is), and the actor never sugarcoats them.

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