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You can hear the grit in her still, when she talks of her boy. My mother was a domestic, and I was whatever the fuck I was. He was a roil of opposites—warm and sensitive one instant, cold and quick-tempered the next—and the explosiveness of the mix made him rap’s most dangerous star.

“Let me tell you the reality,” she begins, her words as sharp as his lyrics. That child changed things for all of us.”There are moments, though, remembering the man that child became, when Afeni grasps her shoulders and, like any grieving mother, shakes with pain. Remembering the ringing phone that broke her sleep the night of September 7, another. A prophet, said a menace, said Bob Dole—and both were right. Because Tupac Shakur was born in the middle of a war.

At best it goes well when you link it “innocently” to something she is talking about.– For example she is talking about the importance of taking care of own health and then suddenly you go like this: ”Yes!

Taking care of our own body is extremely important.

She told me that now guys on the streets stare at her in the most disturbing way. I have field tested this a lot both in encounters where the woman was trying to raise her own value artificially by trying to have me compete with other guys on the mental level and in relationships where she was trying to have me jealous in order to control me or betaise me.

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