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Girlfriends will be marked on the radar with this marker: The demands of some ladies towards Carl Johnson, like the amount of fat and muscles, can be ignored as soon as all the oysters are collected, than they all wanna be his girlfriend.

The progress needed for sex after a successful date will be canceled as soon as all oysters are collected, after a successful date they always wanna have sex despite the progress.

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In the game, the actress's lookalike alter-ego parties at infamous celebrity haunt, the Hotel Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood, 'a place where the plaintiff once lived and often frequents', according to the case documents.

When you go inside the establishment, you'll see a short cut scene.

Now you'll know if your girlfriend has a nice time or not depending on the music and her attitude.

Most people think this is the worst kind of date of the three. You've to do it the same way as you did in the mission Life's a Beach at the beach party.

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