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"Anything that creates divide and separation, I'm not a part of it." Reggae came out the slums of Jamaica in the 1960s and within a decade reached a global audience.It was widely seen as a soundtrack of social justice and its greatest anthem was One Love — the smash hit of Bob Marley that called on humanity to, "get together and feel all right".Jamaica's proudest cultural export had become associated with something shameful.

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Mr Lewis heads the LGBT rights group J-FLAG but even he struggled with coming out publicly.

He only started using his real name in media interviews in 2013.

Black, white, gay, straight," she says."The only thing that I can say that I've done is to openly say that every man has a right to his own destiny, and to openly say that I have no objection with somebody's choice of how they want to live their lives."But that can still be a controversial message in parts of the Jamaican community, where a heady mix of aggressive male sexuality and strict religious conservatism has been a dangerous recipe for intolerance.

Emancipation Park in the capital Kingston commemorates the end of slavery as well as Jamaica's independence from Britain in 1962.

Within that pride is a deep certainty real men are heterosexual.

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