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You can’t help but wonder, “how am I ever going to get over this?!” Well, good news girls: you get over it and one day, you’ll even laugh at it. Here at Gurl, we’ve had more than enough embarrassing date moments to go around and we’re happy to say that we lived through them.I should have just given up when I slammed into a tree on the little practice zip line.

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A few years ago, a cute guy I met in class asked me out.

I was pretty excited to hang out with him outside of school and so obviously I added him on Facebook and then stalked him on there as I was getting ready for our date.

Things got awkward at the end when he tried to kiss me.

I said, "Wait, you thought we might KISS at the end of the night?

I got directions to his place and made my mom take me an hour early because I thought we'd get lost and I really didn't want to be late.

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