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And since they themselves get so many more messages than everyone else, they write back much less frequently.

Here’s the graph for female senders, plotted in evenly-spaced “attractiveness groups.”One interesting thing seems to be going on here: when the best-looking men write the worst-looking women, their message success rate takes a big hit.

The knee-jerk response would be to somehow chalk it up to hunky spammers, but we very carefully control for that in these articles, and in any event why would better-looking girls be drastically more susceptible to it? As we did before, I’m going to consolidate the line charts to show just how your attractiveness changes how often your messages get responses.

This post has been the preamble to the larger discussion of “what makes a good profile? ), what kinds of self-presentation will get you the most messages (jokey?

So select photos that look good, but could also in some universe be reasonably understood to be you.

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