Derek miller alexis krauss dating who is gabourey sidibe dating

“Creatively we’ve always taken on those decisions but financially, a lot of things are on our backs now.” Miller agrees.

“Mutual approval” is the term Krauss cites, motioning inverted commas.

“That was what we ended up breaking away from.” Miller claims they “don’t respond well to parameters”, a neat summary for their musical style and overall outlook.

“I left that show believing in myself more than I ever have. “If someone walks out of your show feeling great about themselves.

If you’re not trying to do that, then what the f**k are you trying to do?

We’re trying to communicate to each other in a way that’s meaningful and inspiring so that life is less shitty.” It’s rare to find a group, four albums in, with the same intense energy they had when starting out.

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