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He was retired by operation of law, August 6,1915, but continued on active duty as a member of the Navy General Board until February 28, 1921. He served as Superintendent of the Naval Academy, 1907-09; commanded the battleship USS Kansas, 1909-11; promoted to Rear Admiral, March 8, 1911. Promoted to Rear Admiral in 1911, he served commander, second division, U.

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The project is estimated to cost $8.2 million; no word if points were taken off for spelling.

WYOMINGby Matthew Copeland titled “How to patch a wind turbine,” we’re told that the primary responsibility is “Don’t die.

But the mud embraced the Humvee with such enthusiasm that it defeated three attempts at extrication.

Born at Rockville, Maryland, on August 6, 1853, the son of Commodore Oscar Charles and Margaret M. He was appointed to the United States Naval Acaemy at large by President Ulysses S.

But there’s no comfortable office for the fixer, who has to dangle in space hanging from a rope while being buffeted by Wyoming’s famous gusts.

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