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I enjoy a broad range of activities and listing them all would require too much room, so I will only mention some of them: photography and traveling (I would love to visit Paris and take some great pictures), outdoors activities (boating around a lake can be such a treat), working out (playing football makes me very, very happy) and shopping (I am a lady, first of all).

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If you don't, then knowing all the fancy techniques in the world won't help you.

First, if you want to even GET to the point where it's time to hold a woman's hand, kiss her, and get even more physical, then you MUST understand how ATTRACTION works, and how to make women feel that powerful emotion.

Most guys try to push themselves on me, or they don't do anything at all. But this is so great..." And the best part of this technique is that IT'S WHAT WOMEN WANT YOU TO DO! And even if a woman COULD explain it, she wouldn't WANT to tell you. I want to mention a couple of more important things.

When you use this technique, you will be absolutely STUNNED at the results. Instead of a woman RESISTING you, she'll be much more likely to try to get you to DO MORE. She'll be thinking to herself "What's going on here? Maybe I should tell him that we're not going to sleep together tonight.

Amongst the other health care professions, physical therapy is not known to be lucrative. 😉 (Though they’re probably sick of people asking them for massages.) 6. In order to become licensed, they take a ridiculously hard board exam called the NPTE. Sometimes, physical therapists are smarter than medical doctors and have better bedside manners, hands down.

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