Dating uncircumcised men

"I would say more of my patients are circumcised, but it's around 60/40," Jamin Brahmbhatt, M. "Most men know how to maintain a good level of cleanliness, just like you know to apply deodorant and wash your hair. This is a little complicated, but the overall message is that you don’t have to avoid un-cut penises like the literal plague.

D., a urologist at Orlando Health, tells SELF, explaining that Jewish and Muslim people are more likely to circumcise their children than those of other religions. It's true that the foreskin creates exactly the kind of wet, warm area bacteria and viruses adore, says Ramin.

Since babies are born with their foreskins intact, they're actually the biological default. "As long as good hygiene practices are followed, this shouldn't be a problem," says Ramin. "To have proper hygiene, a man has to pull the skin back and clean everything out.

D., Astroglide’s resident sex and relationship expert, tells SELF.

"Many people with uncircumcised penises like to gently pull back on the foreskin before putting on a condom, but you should check with your partner and follow their lead," she explains.

No matter your opinion on whether circumcision is right, one thing is clear: From popular memes to an eyeroll-worthy joke in the trailer—one character advises another to "run out of the room screaming" if she encounters an uncut penis because "it's like finding a gun in the street"—misconceptions about uncircumcised penises abound.

Here, five things all women should know about uncircumcised penises.

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