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Part of running a successful business is being efficient with both time and money, and that also applies to your lifting equipment.Proper maintenance and timely service can keep your equipment running like new while reducing costs and increasing productivity and safety.

From compliance and repairs to preventative maintenance, Caldwell will design a customized program that keeps your lifter running at peak performance and your operators safe and productive.

Our team, with more than 100 years of combined experience and knowledge, will customize a preventative, ASME-compliant maintenance program for your lifter.

Detailed inspections and tests identify any wear, damage and compliance with applicable ASME standards.

Before any repairs are made to your equipment, the Caldwell Service Team provides a complete inspection report describing the extent of damages, repairs required, and a firm quote.

We can also send an experienced technician to perform on-site inspections of your equipment through operational tests and visual examination.

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