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The sooner this Marcus geezer realizes this the better off we will all be rather than having a sanctamoniously imposed set of personally imposed values imposed upon us as adults !

Just imagine a scenario where one had actually been stupid enough to pay for his dubious service, fallen foul of his strictures and suffered the ignominity of deletion before even being allowed to contact any women ?!?

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It is even mentioned on TV and movies as conversation between actors thus promoting and legitimizing this site in many minds. People join POF and nearly everyone has bad experiences. But until POF and the crap date sites go out of business, a lot of people really looking for dates do not have a method that works. By depriving POF of members means its owner loses his ad money. When you do meet the wants/interests of the person (if they even think to put that in) they ignore you.

It's free and if it is mentioned in a TV show or movie, it must be an acceptable way of dating. A little better since people are paying and have incentive to date. And if you do get into contact with a woman you will be lucky to do more than exchange a few e-mails with said woman (this is a 20-something guy looking for other 20-somethings).

Po F now suffers from double standards combined with an unhealthily latent undercurrent of hypocrisy.

If a 'gentleman' posts up a photo or two with anything approaching a *censored* bulge he gets deleted whereas a 'lady' can exhibit copious jugulence with very little objection(s).

There are plenty of fish in the sea, but not as many with herpes.

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