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Writing for Newsmax, he said this was because of the missile's 'lofted trajectory, to maximise, not range, but climbing to high-altitude as quickly as possible, where it was successfully fused and detonated - testing everything but an actual warhead.'EMP, or electromagnetic pulse weapons, use missiles equipped with an electromagnetic pulse cannon.

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Instead, just one string of street lights failed in Honolulu.

While I’m happily married and try to help others become happily married, in no way do I think that my lifestyle is the only viable lifestyle.

The bomb was about 100 times larger than the one dropped on Nagasaki – but apart from ‘stunning visuals,’ the test was a ‘disappointment,’ Lewis writes.

While some have claimed that Starfish Prime had dramatic effects down below, shutting off lights across millions of square miles and turning off cars, the expert says there was no evidence to support this.

It is unclear why it took Kenyan Police 48 hours to formally identify the body at the City Mortuary.

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