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Closely connected to clusters in Southern Europe, this cluster also has a strong relationship to the Middle East.Like the Ashkenazi cluster, it brings together diverse genetic threads and exhibits similarities and affinities to southern European and Fertile Crescent populations.European colonization in the 16th century CE resulted in either the complete or near complete massacre of entire tribes and the near total destruction of the cultures of surviving Northern and Central Native American populations.

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Similar to populations in the North and Central America cluster, populations in the South America cluster are descendants of the Early Siberian populations who came across the Bering Land Bridge connecting North East Asia with Alaska roughly 15,000–23,000 years ago.

These First Peoples of the Americas migrated south and split into two groups roughly 13,000 years ago.

Therefore, it is quite rare for present day people to have a high percentage of origins from this cluster, even with documented family lineage.

Testers within this cluster may have a percentage of genetic relatedness lower than expected.

Populations within this cluster are descendants of the first migrations from Siberia that moved into the Americas via the Bering Land Bridge roughly 15,000–23,000 years ago.

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