Dating owen sound

'He was a complex man, whose abiding passion was his career,' adds Tom.

'He was always at his happiest when he was centre-stage.' Strangely for a man who made his name as an archetypal Yorkshireman and who came to love Holmfirth - the town where Last Of The Summer Wine was filmed - as a home from home, Bill Owen was a working-class boy from Acton, West London.

'Bill had a friend called Jack Grossman, a jeweller who had connections with the theatre.

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Dating owen sound

'Bill went on to marry again but never lost his love for my mother.

She was the only woman who really understood how complicated he was.

His father played Compo in Last Of The Summer Wine for 26 years - but he was also a matinee star and a querulous, distant Dad.

Now as the series ends for ever, Tom Owen (himself a veteran of the epic comedy) paints a revealing picture of his father Bill and asks: Why couldn't the BBC commission a decent final episode?

'There was nothing she liked better than filling the house with famous faces,' says Tom.

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