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Equally a travel agent can do it for you, sometimes even hostels.Getting deep into the interior normally requires the use of a flight at some stage.School holidays begin in mid-December and go through to Carnival, usually held in late February (the weekend and days before Ash Wednesday).

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The three most popular Carnivals in Brazil are: Salvador: Celebrated along 26 km of streets filled with approximately 2.2 million people.

It's the biggest street party on Earth according to The Guinness Book of World Records.

Getting to Patagonia is somewhat problematic, as there is no direct road link. A flight is the easiest solution and not too costly if done with a budget carrier rather than LAN Chile.

There is a boat run by Navi Mag that is quite expensive, but a traveller favourite.

Deluxe buses are sometimes very comfortable, but obviously pricier.

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