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The cord will remain attached to the newborn until it falls away naturally, a process that may take up to 10 days.The trend of lotus birthing first made headlines in 2008 and even then, medical experts were quick to try and shut down the practice.According to this ideology, this means babies come into the world of their own accord, as well as letting him or her get any of the remaining goodness from the placenta.

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Babies are observed by their parents to be calmer and more peaceful than those who have their cords cut immediately after birth.

The process and practice honours the connection the baby has had with the placenta that has nourished her for nine months and values the transition stage between womb and world.

If your doctor feels OK about your driving and understands the role of a commercial motor vehicle operator, then he should write a medical opinion letter for you to take to the DOT examination, explaining your condition, treatment and safe usage of the medications you are taking and whether your specific condition is stable.

That way there is no surprises for you or the DOT examiner.

Within a short time after birth, once the umbilical cord has stopped pulsating, the placenta has no circulation and is essentially dead tissue.'If women do opt for umbilical non-severance, the RCOG strongly recommends that their babies be monitored carefully for any signs of infection.' The tree of life...

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